Sailfish 38kg — Anthony Dunne


I was diving off a boat on the upper north coast of Natal in South Africa in around 20m of water, the visibility was around 18m. The sailfish swam directly to my flasher quite aggressively and then lost interest and started swimming off - gave chase and landed a solid shot so I hung onto my float as the boat was quite a way off. The fish towed me around for a while, ala "Nantucket sleigh ride" style, and tired quite suddenly allowing me to grab its bill and point it towards the surface. The Sailfish came round again and tried to jump out of the water with me firmly attached to its bill and then gave up finally. By now the boat was in close attendance so I boarded it with the fish rather enthusiastically to avoid being "taxed" by the now excited attendant Zambezi sharks. Lucky!!

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