King Mackerel 31kg — Anthony Dunne

king Mackerel

I was shore diving, once again, on a reef off the north coast of Natal in South Africa in around 16m of water, the visibility was around 8m. I saw a large shoal of King Mackerel come through below me heading south as they do at that time of year. I dived down onto them and shot the biggest I could easily get to, thinking it was around 18 - 20kg I grabbed my second gun to try and get a shot into another before the shoal headed off. The first one stormed off at such a rate I couldn't draw a bead on another fish (luckily) and let go my gun and float line to allow the fish to run unhindered. I chased after the float which was being pulled under quite a bit and finally managed to get to the fish and with my second gun managed to place a solid shot into the sand next to the fish as it limped along. I reloaded and hit the fish this time - just as well as the first spear fell out soon after. It was a good 31st birthday present - can't wait till I'm fifty!!

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