Ignobilis Kingfish 36kg — Anthony Dunne

Giant Kingfish

I was on my honeymoon in Zanzibar on the east coast near the middle of the island and in about 25m with around 20m visibility. There was a good shoal of Iggs hanging about with a nice shoal of Seapike or true Barracuda. I managed to stone the bigger Igg so didn't disturb the rest of the shoal too much and they hung around. The next down I landed the smaller one but with a bad shot and it excited the rest of them and they moved off a little. On a later down I saw the shoal of Seapike and shot one of around 12kg and it started fighting really hard. I "winched" it up towards the surface hard and then as it came into view I saw the Iggs again with two of the biggest Iggs I have ever seen attacking the Seapike - the bigger, 50kg+, was pitch black. I grabbed another gun and dived towards them but they spooked before I could get in range. It was an awesome dive!!

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