Dogtooth Tuna 59kg — Anthony Dunne

Dogtooth Tuna

Zanzibar again, a year after my honeymoon trip and off the southern end of the island. I was diving off a boat just off the drop-off of the reef - the bottom was about 25m and sloped off deeper constantly. The visibility was a nice 20m and it was Christmas day. I had landed 4 others ranging from 28 to 43kg earlier in the day. I looked down to see this huge Doggie gliding in to my flasher down at about 18m - I tried to approach him slowly and carefully but I doubt that I did. Fortunately he had only turned off a little and I placed a good solid shot in the shoulder next to the dorsal from above. I have found that this seems to be the best shot to place as they fight clean and don't rush off too enthusiastically as they CAN!! Most other times I have tried more conventional shot they have bust me up in the reef or just shaken my spear out. After a long run out to sea and away from the bottom it rolled over an floated up, not moving even when I tried to kill it withmy knife into the brain. What a Christmas present!!

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