Fish, glorious fish. Preparing your Catch for Eating

Fish is one of my favorite meals. It is not only tasty and quick to cook but is one of the most nutritious of foods. Research suggests that eating fish a couple of times a week may actually lower cholesterol levels. Fish is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It has very little carbohydrates, and what little fat there is, is unsaturated. Oily fish are an excellent source of vitamins A and D, which are essential for good health. Add to this the fact that freshly caught fish from the ocean has not been fed growth hormones or antibiotics as so many farm fed animals are, and l am certainly sold.

Yet in the western world fish is rarely on the menu. As people become more health conscious attitudes to fish are slowly changing but one wonders why this natural and delicious food is not more popular. The eastern nations woke up to the benefits of fresh fish centuries ago, and fish is an integral part of their diet.

Whatever the reasons, you as a diver with access to fresh fish, if not already hooked on fish, should think about trying it more often. Then you have mussels, abalone, rock lobster , oysters, cuttlefish, that can all be turned into fantastic meals. It is worthwhile finding a friend who is really into his seafood and learning from him.

On the funny side, l know one diver, who shall remain anonymous, who swears by surgeon fish as a great aphrodisiac for his wife. He claims that feeding his wife a fillet or two causes all hell to break out. Apparently the skin must be left on for the right results. The Eastern gentleman fixation with abalone as a sure fire sexual aid has caused the price to rocket and unbelievable amounts are paid for it in their home country. Oysters also have a reputation and l know one gentleman who is regularly fed them by his wife. He recently had a bad reaction to shellfish so has had a partial reprieve. He would be wise to keep the surgeon story from his wife!
Bon Appetit!

l hope you can make use of some of the recipes.